11 augusti 2013

A cute little corset

First of all I have made some Changes on my blog.
I have just added a widget for anyone who want to follow my blog on Bloglovin. And I have also removed the posibility to follow via e-mail. I also want to make a "facelift" on my blog but for now I don't  have the time for that.
Well well, over to my little corset. I found this template and a tutorial video for this little cute corset at Kell Belle Studio, and I just had to try to do one myself. She has lots of corset templates and also 2 tutorials for very cute hangers. So hop over to her blog and give it a try :) They are very fun to make.
It is in 3 D and this is how it looks from behind. If you do a halterneck instead of shoulder ribbons you can use it as a tagholder for example a bottle of wine. Or why not use it as a decoration for a card? I traced this template in Studio and cut it out. I added the extra space around the front part in Studio also (you know what I mean when you've seen the tutorial of her first corset). That way you can decide the size of it that you need.
Have a nice day :)

4 augusti 2013

Some bubble borders

I'm back! :) I have had a wonderful summer so far and it isn't over yet.
I have made some bubble borders that I want to share here. I did these a few months ago but I forgot about them. But here they are now :)
I hope I will have more time for my blog and my designs in Studio from now on but it probably take a few more weeks before it's back to normal again.
So enjoy this for now and I shall be back with more freebies in the near future.