24 maj 2013

I've made some small cards

These cards I am going to give away as a prize in a lottery. We are having a Mc-meeting next weekend and we are going to have a lottery there with a lot of different prizes. These cards comes with an envelope and I've packed them in a nice little giftbag. They are great to give as a "thank you"-card or a "hug"-card for example.
I looked  around for different shapes on the internet, and found a picture with a shape simular to this tagshaped card. I traced it in studio and did some corrections and improvements and then I created a card template. The little tag however is totally my own design. I've used some nice cliparts (also found on the internet, free downloads) in my cards and did some print and cuts, but the tag in the zipfile is blank. So you can use it to whatever you want.
Hope you crafters around the world will have a nice weekend :)

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